Let’s face it, I’m a snarky bitch.  I’m a cynical, sarcastic, antisocial nerd.  My mind is a dirty and dangerous place.  This blog is my outlet for all the random inappropriate shit I don’t want my mom to read on FaceBook.

So, you want to know a little about me?  I’m an unemployed student.  By trade, I’m a vision therapist and I prefer to work with TBI patients and wounded warriors.  The only reason I’m unemployed right now is so I can finish my Master’s degree and get my Occupational Therapy license.  I’m married to a soldier and I’m a veteran of the US Army.  I probably don’t like you.


A word about trolls:  Rule One of the Internet: Don’t Feed the Trolls.  I don’t have time for your shit.  All obviously trolling comments will be deleted.  This is the only 30 seconds you’ll get from me.


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