Oh, Silly Boy…

Emailed a friend a couple of days ago saying something along the lines of “Hey I have a favor to ask of you, but I want to ask you in person.”

Then had this conversation with him via messenger:

Him: What was the favor you wanted to ask? I’m curious.

Me: I have to interview someone for my final project for psychology. I’m gonna be in Phoenix for the first 2 weeks of May, I was hoping you would let me interview you then.

Him: Oh is that all? I figured you were going to ask me to be a sperm donor or something. heh. Yes, I’ll happily submit to a psychological evaluation, but I should probably warn you about the last person who tried to interview me.

Me: Hahahahaaha! no, silly. You’re the last person I would ask for sperm. If you and I bred, those kids would take over the world.  Why, what happened to the last person that tried to interview you?

Him: Yeah. We’ve read Beowulf. We know how it would go.

Me: exactly.

Him: Oh, nothing. I was just trying to sound ominous.

I love my friends.


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