I would say I’m an Amazon Princess…

… Except that I refuse to cut off my left boob.

So let’s talk archery for a few minutes.  Basically, I just want to brag about what an awesome life I have.  As you may remember, my wonderful husband bought me a 62″, 30# PSE Razorback recurve bow for my  birthday. I am absolutely in love with her.  She doesn’t have a name, yet, but I’m willing to entertain suggestions.  We set up an archery range in the garage (it’s 30 feet deep and underneath the house, so I’m firing towards 12″ of cement and 30ft of dirt.  I can’t think of a safer place for it) and so far things are going well.  I had about a 15 year hiatus but from day one, every single arrow I’ve fired has at least hit the target.

Day one target practice.

Day two was uneventful and my grouping really started coming together on day three:

Still have a couple of errant shots, but much better!

Days three and four also reminded me why archers wear bracers or arm guards.  I know it’s my form that needs correcting, but after this:

Holy OW, Batman!

I did decide to invest in an armguard.  Today was day five.  With Arm Guard in place and a brand new target (yeah, I kind of hated the first one we bought) I headed down to the garage and tested out a slightly modified stance.  And you know what? With better form, I didn’t strike my arm a single time!  I’m still going to wear the armguard, at least until the bruising goes away.  Also, I shot a total of three quivers and had about a 4-6 inch spread.  Which is not fucking bad, if you ask me.  Also, Husband got to see me shoot for the first time and took some action shots:

Isn't she sexy? Again, I'm talking about the bow...

I'm kind of a badass, I know.

Grouping's getting tighter!

I'm finally starting to get my consistency back!

Other than that…

I went to the dentist this morning and I fracking LOVE my new dentist.  It’s the only pleasant experience I’ve ever had at a dentist’s office.  I have one temporary crown, I’ll get the permenant one on this tooth and the temporary one on the other tooth in 2 weeks.  I effing HATE this fake tooth.  It’s all … porous and it just feels funny.  But as long as I don’t end up having to get a pair of root canals as well, I’m not going to complain.

Nothing else new in my life right now, how are you?


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